Established in the early 80’s with the objective in promoting lion dancing, we have grown into a well known team throughout the world. Now with more than 20 years of experienced, we succeeded in promoting the dance not only locally but internationally . With students from Hong Kong, Canada, Indonesia and close relationship with teams from France, Philippines, United States of America just to name a few.
With  the guidance from our founder/chief coach Master Lim Meng Kok, we put in a lots of effort to make sure that the traditional way of lion dancing does not extinct. Not only that., but due to the tremendous response for the acrobatic lion dancing, we also put in some effort to make sure that our team emerge as one of the top teams in Malaysia. We also happen to be the second runners-up at the Hong Kong World Lion Dance Championship 1999 and first runners-up in the Paris World Lion Dance Championship 2000.  We were also asked to perform in Indonesia, Hong Kong, France and India
Now we are into dragon dance. Therefore we offer ourselves to all those who want to know us better. Do not hesitate to contact us for guidance or invitation.

It's believe that the lion is actually the guardian of the Southern Gate in Heaven. It was attracted by the fun in the earth and escaped. The Jade Emperor instructed The Monk to capture it and at the same time help the people. The lion stay in the cave high in the mountain. One day it became hungry and decided to leave the cave to search for food. As it was descending the mountain, the lion bumped into 2 trees and stuck 2 leafs on its horn. While searching for food, it came across a “ling tze” farm. It ate one of the “ling tze” and got drunk. So happen the farm belong to the Monk. The monk at the same time arrived to mend his farm, found the lion had eaten his “ling tze” and was drunk. So he tried to capture the animal but was overpowered. He quickly rush back to the temple and with the help of a “wo lou” (a container) and his red waist belt capture and tamed the lion. Therefore today on the lion's horn are stuck a pomelo leaf and red waist belt.
This is just part of the story, to know more kindly contact us.


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